All sheds come with a sturdy floor and skylights to let in natural light.  Doors can be placed in a position so it works for your site...
Many, many other options available. 


These sheds are built with solid and sustainable materials from local suppliers and are designed and made by qualified builders.


These kitset sheds are very straightforward to assemble. Grab a mate and build your shed in around 60 minutes.

Or by arrangement we can also assemble your shed. (POA)

Have you ever been frustrated by:

  • Clutter in your garage

  • No storage for your garden tools etc..

  • Your flimsy tin shed denting and rusting

We've created the best space solution for you

We're glad you're here.
Rustic Sheds will customise and build a stylish wooden shed that will not only look fantastic, but will work for you depending on your individual requirements.

  • Provide you with that much needed storage space

  • Our sheds will not rust

  • Our sheds will not dent




Our Rustic Sheds will provide you with that much needed storage space!

Rustic Sheds will not rust....


Rustic Sheds will not dent....

Rustic Sheds, based in Hamilton is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.  A small, but extremely experienced team will work along side you to build your Rustic Shed depending on your site and requirements.

Imagine the space you would gain if you had an extra shed?

Our versatile Rustic Sheds are an extremely popular, sturdy, stylish, cost effective shed that is being purchased and utilised throughout New Zealand.  The uses for our sheds are endless:


  • Storage

  • Garden shed

  • Pump shed

  • Pool shed

  • Equipment shed

  • Tack room

  • Woodshed

  • Hobby room

  • Workshop

  • Animal shelter

  • Even move that teenager out into one of the Rustic Shed Sleepouts!


Whatever your requirement, we can build.​

Your storage problems will be solved -  you will gain back your garage space.

Store all your gardening tools, pots, chemicals, potting mix, wood, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, and clutter into a fantastic, durable Rustic Shed.​​

Rustic Sheds comes in kit-set formation and are VERY EASY to assemble. The walls and roof are all pre-made and are ready to stand up and fix together - EASY! 

However, we also can assemble. (POA)

Other Rustic Shed features :

  • An abundance of natural light streaming through our clear lite roofing panels

  • Allows endless opportunities for fixing shelves and hooks -  unlike tin sheds

  • Will be completely leak proof 

  • Made with H4 treated timber floor

  • Sheds can be easily dismantled for relocation

Our Rustic Sheds are built to stand the test of time 

Let’s chat about what size will work best for you!


A various collection of sheds
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Image 4 Sleepout
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Image 5 - Garden / Wood Shed
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Image 6 Playhouse
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Image 7 - Stock Shed
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Image 8
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Image 9 - Pump / Pool Shed
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Image 11 - Shed Layout
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Image 12 - Shed Layout
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Image 13 - Clearlite Example
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Image 14 - Pool Shed
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Image 15 - Stock Shelter
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Image 17
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19 - Shed / Wood Shed
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20 - Shed / Wood Shed
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21 - Shed with Louveres
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22 - Kids Playhouse
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23 - Kids Playhouse
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